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Global warming (skeptical science)

13 Sep

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To properly understand
what´s happening with our climate,
it´s imperative we consider
the full body of evidence.

What do you get

when you put

2 climate scientists

and 52 skeptics

in a room?

-It´s the sun!
-Those are empirically observed fingerprints of anthropogenic global warming!
-Climate changed before!
-Shut up!
-Acid reflux?
-Is Artict Sea Ice!
-Can´t we at least agree that there is no consensus?
-Ocean acidification threatens entire marine food chains!
-Global warming has stopped!
-Try to compare volcanic CO2 to human CO2!
-What happened to greenhouse warming during mid-century cooling?
-You must read this article on ocean impacts by ocean scientists!
-Jupiter is warming!
-Species extinctions happening before our eyes!
-What caused early 20th century warming?
-Pay attention to the carbon cycle!
-Can´t we at least agree that there is no consensus?
-There´s only a 3% of skepticals, you moron.


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